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Journey with the AFCD family

The Leadership Lab has been nothing short of a singular, transformational, and heartwarming experience for me. Along with enhancing my skills, this year-long journey of networking and capacity-building opportunities has also stoked a deep enthusiasm for social entrepreneurship and leadership in me.

I was initially interested in the Leadership Lab because I wanted to develop my leadership abilities in the context of entrepreneurship. Throughout this program, I’ve had the honor of working on 3WINATI, a project that is really meaningful to me personally.

The mission of my project, 3WINATI, is to improve the quality of life for visually impaired Moroccans through an accessible refreshable braille display as its main component.

We are devoted to removing these barriers because we are acutely aware of the difficulties that the visually impaired encounter in obtaining information in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. Our objective is to support a Moroccan digitalization movement that is inclusive and ensures that no one is left behind in the digital era.

I have had the chance to work with outstanding people who share my enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and social impact because of the Leadership Lab. Thanks to the program’s great resources, coaching, and advice, we were able to transform 3WINATI from an abstract concept into a functional prototype.

I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead as I look to the future. My career and personal pursuits will surely continue to be shaped by the knowledge and experiences I obtained from the Leadership Lab program. I’m more driven than ever to oversee initiatives that have a beneficial influence on society, and I have no doubt that the knowledge and connections I’ve made here will be crucial to attaining those objectives.

In closing, I wholeheartedly endorse the Leadership Lab program to anyone looking to strengthen their leadership skills, grow personally, or have the chance to have a significant effect on their community or industry. This program has exceeded my expectations, and I am incredibly appreciative of the opportunity, support, and direction it has given me. It goes beyond a program. I sincerely thank Nouh, Mouad, Ali, Kamal, and all the members of the AFCD team, who not only lead but inspire those who cross paths with them to join the change movement here in the heart of Morocco, The US Embassy for this life-changing experience, and all the mentors who made a special effort to help the participants. It has empowered me to become a more effective leader and change-maker.

Lina Hammouni


Nouh Bahadda

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