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Fadoua Kamal Facilitating a workshop at SAADA Initiative
TOT SAADA Initiative participant
TOT SAADA Initiative participant

AFCD Digital Empowerment

We aim to empower people and improve their lives by providing them with access to information and knowledge about digital technologies.

AFCD Foundation takes digital empowerment as one of its targeted themes because, it goes without saying, digital literacy is more important than ever before in navigating one’s personal and professional life.

In this regard, the AFCD Foundation aims to raise awareness about digital literacy and associated topics, including digital safety and graphic design. Furthermore, the AFCD Foundation helps small enterprises build capacity in a variety of digital media sectors.

Digital literacy

The technological age is in full swing, and it is constantly transforming all aspects of people's lives. As a result, we believe, it is vital to provide opportunities for basic literacy, particularly in digital literacy, to the youth in our communities.

Digital Safety

For all users, the Internet should be a secure environment. The AFCD Foundation believes that universal understanding of digital safety measures should be promoted, and that digital safety assistance should be made available to everyone.

Digital Business

Within AFCD Foundation, we are aware of the fact that business digitalization offers significant advantages, such as reduced costs, enhanced security, and higher efficiency. And this has inspired us to work on offering digital trainings to local start-ups and cooperatives to digitalize their businesses.

“The biggest part of our digital transformation is changing the way we think.”
Simeon Preston