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AFCD Green Thumbs

We raise awareness, help protecting our planet, and bring people to work together toward achieving effective solutions to solve local and global environmental issues.

Many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are fighting to safeguard and restore natural areas in every possible manner as the globe witnesses firsthand the devastating impacts of climate change, which is causing rising environmental concerns.

The AFCD Foundation, as well, is always encouraging green thumbs and raising public awareness of environmental protection through regular projects that encourage everyone to work together to protect the environment.

Renewable Energy

We initiated an environmental project that aimed at unifying and coordinating among civil society organizations in AL HAOUZ environmental culture and commitment to the principal of shared responsibility. The project is called “OXEGIN.”

Waste Management

We created a participative project to develop effective waste management solutions that ensure that wastes are detected, accumulated, stored, transported, treated, and discarded or recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. The project is called “Eco-citizen.”

Renewable Energy

We are aware of the negative effects of climate change on human health and the environment. Therefore, it is one of the central themes we advocate for at the AFCD Foundation as we develop projects to increase awareness about climate change and to emphasize the urgency of tackling it.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”
Wendell Berry