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youth empowerment

AFCD Youth Empowerment

We expose youths to social issues, help them reach their maximum potential, and provide them with the means to become leaders in their communities.

One of the AFCD Foundation main goals is Youth Empowerment. We believe that young men and women are the backbone of society because of their potential for vitality, excitement, innovation, ambition, and creativity. Moreover, focusing on youths helps in the implementation and execution of our vision and goals to a greater degree.

Therefore,  the AFCD Foundation team leaders work hard to provide opportunities and practical solutions for youth in all the communities nearby.

Community engagement

We put a specific emphasis on assisting underrepresented youths as they grow into community leaders and engaged citizens. We invest in youth who are constantly striving to improve themselves and serve others more efficiently, as we have in “Youth First Academy.”

Capacity Building

To develop a community, young people must be given the tools they need to take charge. We developed projects and boot-camps to provide them with extensive trainings in order to effectively achieve their full potentials, such as; ‘Youth Leadership’ and ‘Let Youth Lead.’

Youth Employability

AFCD's projects in this regard are aimed at assisting youths in entering the entrepreneurial domain. They focus on offering various types of training to the participants to develop the necessary skills. They also give guidance on how to start a business, and cover leadership skills, project management.

Advocacy and Democracy

We create programs with the goal of increasing youth participation in community life, encouraging them to participate in policy-making, and fostering democratic discussion. These programs aim to connect institutions with youth so that they may better understand their needs.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” 
Margaret Mead