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Leadership Lab 2.0 project

Entrepreneurship in the United States embodies quintessential American qualities, such as an inventive spirit and dynamic energy. The nation has cultivated a robust entrepreneurial environment that consistently attracts individuals from across the globe. Whether it’s the tech giants of Silicon Valley or the financial powerhouses on Wall Street, the USA provides a fertile landscape for entrepreneurs and startups to flourish. 

The entrepreneurial ethos deeply permeates American society, creating a culture that reveres innovation and embraces risk-taking. This cultural foundation significantly contributes to the triumph of the US entrepreneurial ecosystem, empowering entrepreneurs to learn from setbacks and refine their ideas. The society not only applauds success stories but also regards failure as a valuable learning experience. This cultural milieu nurtures an atmosphere where individuals are motivated to chase their entrepreneurial dreams, thereby enhancing the overall vitality of the ecosystem.

leadership lab 2.0
01. The importance of cultural diversity

Entrepreneurship in Morocco presents a dynamic interplay of challenges and prospects, intricately shaped by the nation’s economic, cultural, and regulatory dynamics. The entrepreneurial fabric of Morocco is notably impacted by a substantial youth demographic, as a growing number of young Moroccans actively engage in entrepreneurship, motivated by a quest for independence, a drive for innovation, and the exploration of novel opportunities. While traditional business models and family enterprises hold cultural significance in Morocco, there is a shifting mindset that increasingly values innovation and a willingness to take risks, particularly evident among the younger generation. This evolving perspective reflects a departure from conventional norms towards a more progressive and entrepreneurial outlook.

AFCD aims to use the best practices developed in the U.S. entrepreneurial system and the principles of participatory democracy to build the knowledge and capacity of the youth selected to participate in the Leadership Lab civic engagement and entrepreneurship training tracks.

02. Project Summary

The Leadership Lab, a dynamic year-long program, aims to empower 60 emerging leaders and young entrepreneurs (ages 18-30) across Morocco. Through immersive training, networking, and a robust multi-stakeholder approach infused with U.S. entrepreneurial best practices, the program is a catalyst for knowledge and capacity building. Launched at The Moroccan American Leadership Forum and facilitated by the AFCD Foundation, the program unfolds with a transformative three-month Online Training and a high-impact Entrepreneurship & Civic Engagement Boot Camp. The climax is the Pitching Competition and Impact Hackathon, providing a pivotal platform for entrepreneurs to secure seed funding while igniting innovative solutions to local challenges by civil activists. This initiative, underscored by mentorship, aspires to cultivate influential change-makers, propelling a wave of transformation across diverse fields in Morocco.

03. Leadership Lab in Numbers
  • 60 Participants 
  • 12 months of training 
  •  6 Mentors for 10 participants 
  •  4 grants winners
04. Project Activities

The year-long duration of The Leadership Lab program ensures a year brimming with impactful activities. Committed to the cause, The Leadership Lab is dedicated to formulating and executing an extensive program, providing participants with a wealth of opportunities to cultivate essential leadership skills.

  • To give the participants the opportunity the hone their communication skills
  • To enhance the acceptance of others, hence tolerance, and anchoring the positive learnability
  • To raise the participant’s awareness on the subject matter under the umbrella of “Little diversity hurts no one “
05. Relation with sustainable development goals

Our project most likely contributes to fulfilling the UNs Sustainable Development Goals by standing for:

GOAL 4: Quality Education

GOAL 5: Gender Equality

GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality