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META Skills for Women Empowerment Project

It goes without saying that without equal assistance and resources, women are unable to develop the required skills and get acceptance for their futures in rurle eareas. However, in Ait-Ourir, the AFCD Foundation is working to promote women empowerment through different projects.

META Skills for Women Empowerment project was developed in partnership between the AFCD Foundation and ANIS Association to provide women with the opportunity to discuss and learn about topics that will aid and guide them to find additional sources of income.

It also aims to provide technological solutions that will enable participants to master management practices, cooperative legislation, accounting, and marketing, as well as follow up with them to achieve a sustainable profit.

Throughout this project, we brought attention to the problems of women and their active role in development, as well as raising awareness of the need to find solutions to improve their social conditions.

META Skills for women empowerment- AFCD Foundation
01. Project Objectives
  • Train women in management, administration, cooperative law, accounting, and marketing.
  • Encourage decent work and productive employment by addressing the structural causes of women’s inequalities.
  • Focus on women in the debate and contribute to the promotion of equal opportunities in safety and gender equality.
  • Promote the principles of women’s empowerment and collaborate with the private sector to improve the status of women in the economy in order to achieve comprehensive and sustainable growth;
  • Challenge gender stereotypes and raise awareness and support the fight against gender discrimination at an individual and family level, which hinders women and perpetuates gender inequalities in society.