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TOT: Gender based violence – CCP Synergy Project

The prevention program “Heartbeat – prevention of violence in intimate relationships” was developed within the framework of a project of the European Union in 2009. Along with other European organizations, the German departments TIMA and PfunzKerle participated / took part in the development of the program. By now, the project has been successfully carried out in practice.

The aim of the program is to talk to teenagers about respect in intimate relationships and to make them aware of the beginnings of violence and exercise of power in a private context. Eventually, the program is about counteracting violence in intimate relationships / marriage and promoting equality of men and women.


TOT: Gender based violence – CCP Synergy- AFCD Foundation

The methods are teenager friendly and interactive. The AFCD participants learnt the methods by trying them out. The participants learnt also about German research results about violence in intimate relationships. They also got to know the structures of both organizations´ workshops. TIMA and AFCD collaboratively work to implement this approach in Morocco.

01. Project Objectives

Train AFDC Foundation team leaders to conduct workshops about domestic violence with young women and men in Morocco;

  • Support AFCD members in their struggle for human rights, gender equality and non-violence
  • Strengthen local structures in Morocco through the empowerment of young volunteers
  • Extend the non-formal political education of young people in Morocco
  • Spread the “Heartbeat” concept, which we already successfully conducted in Germany with the help of a local organization
  • Raise cultural awareness on both sides through thematic communication exchange
  • Build up a long-term cooperation with AFCD
  • Gain important insights about Arabic culture that help us to better understand and reach Arab teenagers in Germany.