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Oxygen Project

Awareness, Advocacy, and Action

In recent years, concerns for environmental initiatives and projects have become more common showing a growing willingness and urgency to create sustainable solutions in the province of Al Haouz.

This is a two years project which proposed connecting “top-down” officials and the “bottom-up” civic society by engaging them in a variety of collaborative workshops that directly deal with the topic of waste management.

By tapping into the large youth population that Al Haouz province and Morocco have to offer, we begun to lay the foundation for stronger community action in unison with government plans to allow for a more comprehensive and sustainable approach.

The project was built to help bring these concerns and problems to the forefront of citizens’ minds through education on the topics and current plans in their communities. And at the same time, this citizen participation shed light on how municipalities can better implement their plans.

This project was designed through an inclusive community planning, which effectively address the three prongs of sustainable development: economic viability, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility.

01. Problem analysis

One of the main issues for governments to properly address local challenges is because there are rarely any reliable networks for open communication between officials and locals. This project did not only focus on strengthening current committees but also expanding and creating new ones to better represent the local and regional demographics.

The meetings were held monthly to update one another on the current activities, workshops, and projects occuring in the province. The committee members were as extensions of their respective groups, representing their communities’s needs and objectives to effectively gain and distribute resources throughout the Al Haouz province.

02. Project Objectives

Our main objectives are:

  • Raise Awareness through workshops in six cluster areas: Tahannaout, Ait Ourir, Touama, Asni, Amzmiz, and Tameslouht.
  • Strenthening the Capacities’ of civic society within these six clusters.
  • Activating Local Government committees.