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Avenue Hassan 2, Ait Ourir ELHaouz, Morocco

The Youth Leadership Bootcamp

Hello beautiful and lovely human beings! My name is Asmae Rihi, I’m a 20 years old student. I’m very honored to be an ambassador of AFCD, I came all the way from Tangier to Ait Ourir going for 611 km, aiming to achieve my little ambition and inner joy; Participating in The Youth Leadership Boot […]

Youth first

Youth First Academy in Ait Ourir

Ait Ourir is a small city that faces many challenges. One of the most pressing issues that block this town’s way is the lack of opportunities, which is something that most of Ait Ourir’s residents complain about. But for the young people of my city, this matter is more crucial. Mostly because the majority of […]

Experiential Learning Journey

              Education is never complete without experience. This is why when I received the letter of acceptance into the Civic Engagement program funded by the US Department of states and run by Institute for Training and Development (ITD) I was thrilled, ad my mind instantly filled with lot of questions. I was selected along with […]

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