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Avenue Hassan 2, Ait Ourir ELHaouz, Morocco

We are not only friends we are family

My experience with AFCD Foundation is the best, and I really mean it, it was the best thing happened to me.

Before, I was very quiet, weak, and scared of talking to people that I don’t know, my life was routine with no activities.  The first thing that caught my attention about the association is the kindness of its members and their behavior towards each other just like a family.  

I did some research about them on their social media and I found out how amazing they are; from that day it was my dream to become one of them. A few weeks later they become with the program of YOUTH FIRST ACADEMY and boom  I was invited. 

In The three first workshops I was very nervous sitting with strangers and trying to become one of them but it wasn’t really that hard cause the group was also amazing they made me feel loved they made me feel like everything I do is right and wonderful like they are telling me” take it easy don’t be nervous “.  Now I am really confident and happy, they brought light into my life ” we became a family and our home is AFCD foundation.



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